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Register Your Team

  • Registration is open until December 18, 2023 

  • To receive a tournament shirt you must register your team by December 8, 2023. All teams registered after December 8th WILL NOT receive a tournament shirt.​

  • Payments Accepted: Cash, Check, and All Major Credit Cards

  • Registration Fee: $55 Per Person (For Check and Cash) $56 Per Person (For Credit Cards)

  • Coach/Support Shirts are available ($12 per person (cash & checks), $13 per person (credit cards)). 

  • Dry-Fit Shirts are an additional $3 per person and the whole team must choose the same shirt material.

How to register for the tournament:

  • Decide what division your team will be 

    • Men's, Women, or Coed Open

    • 30 Over Women's 

    • 18U Boys or Girls

    • 15U Boys or Girls

    • 13U Open/Coed

    • 10U Open/Coed

  •  Decide how you are paying for your team.

    • ​If paying by check or cash please download and print this file and contact Pat McCarthy 561-881-6195 to find out where to drop off the registration/order forms. 

    • If paying by credit card please follow the steps below.

  • Payment by Credit Card

    1. Fill out one registration and shirt order form per team. 

    2. After filling out the team form please verify that the information is correct and click checkout. 

    3. After submitting please move on to the payment form below that and fill out the payment information. The coach's information/team name/ and division must be the same for both the order form and registration form.

    4. Registrations will not be accepted if payment has not been made.

Registration & Shirt Order Payment

Please fill out the information for the shirts for your team. 

We can not mix and match materials, all players must order Cotton OR Dry Fit

$56 per person registration donation with cotton shirts.

$59 per person registration donation with dry-fit shirts.

$13 per person for supporter cottont shirts.

$16 per person for supporter dry-fir shirts.



Thank you for being a part of the tournament!

Please note your transaction ID you will need it for the next form.

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