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Join Us in the Fight: Flags for the Cure 17th Annual Flag Football Tournament


Dear Valued Supporters,


We're excited to share the news of our 17th annual Flag Football Tournament - an event that promises not just thrilling games but also the power to drive change. From January 3rd to 7th, 2024, we're taking the field at Village Park in Wellington, FL. Your participation in this journey means more than you can imagine.


Benefitting: American Cancer Society


At the American Cancer Society, their vision is clear: ending cancer for good. They champion the cause through advocacy, groundbreaking research, and unwavering support for patients and their families. Their goal is to create a world with fewer cancer diagnoses and more birthdays celebrated. Together, we can make this vision a reality.


Why Flags for the Cure Matters


We're more than just a tournament; we're a force of unity and hope. Our commitment is to create a safe, family-friendly environment where players can engage in the sport they love, all while making a profound difference. One of the most touching moments is our ceremony, where we come together to remember, recognize, and honor those in the fight, caregivers, and resilient survivors.


In January 2023, during our 16th year, an astounding 72 teams came together and raised $40,000. This pushed our total funds raised to over $400,000! Our impact is real, and it's growing year after year.


Your Support Makes All the Difference


We're grateful for your consideration and support because, together, we're not just playing sports; we're making a change. Your involvement matters.




Hart Collier

Tournament Director

(561) 891-7650


Join Us in Making an Impact


We invite you to join us in the fight. Your contribution can take different forms, and every one of them makes a significant impact:


Sponsorship: Become a vital part of our mission by sponsoring the event at one of our five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Field, or Event Sponsor.

In-Kind Donations: Support us with merchandise for raffles, on-site vendors, or monetary donations.


When you support Flags for the Cure, you're not just backing a tournament; you're joining a movement to tackle cancer head-on. Your involvement brings hope and healing to those affected by this disease. Together, we can create a world where cancer is just a word, not a sentence.


To get involved, sponsor, or make a contribution, please reach via the form below. Let's stand together and make a lasting difference.

Bronze Sponsor - $100

Join us as a Bronze Sponsor and make a vital contribution to our mission! Your $100 sponsorship will not only support the fight against cancer but also get your name announced during the tournament. Every dollar counts, and your support means the world to us. Become a part of something bigger! 🎗️

Silver Sponsor - $500

Go beyond with our Silver Sponsorship! For $500, your support will be recognized on a grand scale. Your name will appear on the back of our tournament jerseys and on our event banner. It's not just a sponsorship; it's a statement of commitment to our cause. Join us in the fight against cancer! 🎗️ 

Gold Sponsor - $1000

Step up to the Gold Sponsorship level and be a shining star in our mission to defeat cancer. With your $1000 support, you'll receive all the benefits of our previous levels, plus a beautiful plaque in recognition of your generosity. Your contribution will make a significant impact, and your name will be forever etched in our journey to find a cure. 🏆 

Field Sponsor - $2000

As a Field Sponsor, you're taking your commitment to the next level. For $2000, you'll enjoy all the benefits of our previous sponsorship levels and more. You'll have a 10x10 booth space to showcase your presence. Join us on the field and make a difference in the battle against cancer.

Event Sponsor - $5000 - This year our event sponsor is 

At the Event Sponsor level, you're at the heart of our mission to beat cancer. Your $5000 sponsorship encompasses all the benefits of previous levels, with added prestige. You'll receive top recognition as the Event Sponsor throughout the tournament, your name will be prominently displayed on the event banner, and your name will appear on both the front and back of our jerseys. Your support is the cornerstone of our fight against cancer. 🌟

Become a tournament sponsor!

Thanks for submitting!

Become an Onsite Vendor at Flags for the Cure Tournament


At Flags for the Cure, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. That's why we're excited to invite you to be a part of our 17th annual flag football tournament as an onsite vendor. Join us from January 3rd to 7th, 2024, at Village Park in Wellington, FL, and be an integral part of an event that not only celebrates sportsmanship but also supports the fight against cancer.


Why Be an Onsite Vendor?

Exposure: Our tournament draws a diverse crowd, from avid sports fans to families, players, and supporters. As an onsite vendor, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your products or services to a wide and engaged audience.


Community: You'll be part of a supportive and tight-knit community committed to a common goal - fighting cancer. Your presence as an onsite vendor helps create a welcoming and lively atmosphere for all attendees.


Impact: Flags for the Cure is dedicated to raising funds for the American Cancer Society. By being an onsite vendor, you'll be contributing directly to this noble cause and helping make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.


What We Offer Onsite Vendors

Booth Space: We provide you with a 10x10 booth space at our tournament venue, ensuring visibility and easy access to attendees.


Community Support: You'll be welcomed with open arms by our tournament community, fostering connections and potential collaborations.


Join the Cause

By becoming an onsite vendor at Flags for the Cure, you're not just setting up shop; you're joining a movement of support, hope, and unity. We're looking for vendors who align with our mission and can contribute to the overall experience of our event.


If you're ready to be a part of this exciting journey, we'd love to have you on board. To inquire about vendor opportunities or to reserve your spot, please contact us at [Your Contact Information].


Together, let's make a difference and create a memorable event that brings us one step closer to a world with more birthdays and fewer cancer diagnoses.


Join us in the fight - be an onsite vendor at Flags for the Cure!

Become an on-site vendor!

Thanks for submitting!

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